Children without health insurance

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - An alarming number of children in Texas are living without health insurance.

Saturday, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of Amarillo hosted a health fair to help low income families get their children insured.

Texas is home to more uninsured children than any other state.

The latest Census Bureau for families shows that nearly 1.5 million children in Texas are without health insurance.

However, close to two-thirds of them are eligible for children's Medicaid or the children's health insurance program.

Texas Tech believes that it is especially importance to get your children insured right now, instead of waiting for a medical emergency.

Flu season is among us. Your kids are going to need to go to the doctor some point and time. And a lot of families can't afford to take them to the doctor. This is one way that they can get health insurance. And get them the health care they need.

Many families without health insurance believe that they can't afford it, but the coalition of health services is more than willing to help low income families get insurance for their children.

A lot of people would be surprised. It depends on the amount of people in the family and it depends on the amount of income brought into the home. Whether or not the family would qualify. But a lot of people would be surprised that they qualify for either medicare or chip.