Snowstorm Downs Trees, Causes Power Outages

Diana Crawford
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It may take days to get the mess of fallen limbs and trees cleaned up from Friday's snowstorm. Damage is everywhere and has given cleanup crews a busy day.

Fallen limbs and broken trees blocked roadways and sidewalks, covered park grounds and even fell on houses.

The damage isn't just to property though, it's also to the trees themselves, says landscaper Billy Krause. "A lot of them are permanently damaged. We've seen a lot of stuff that's having to come completely down. Some we are being able to trim out and make okay but there is a lot of permanent damage, a lot of trees that are actually having to be taken away."

The rains created very wet, heavy snow which weighed down on tree branches and been the cause of such widespread damage says Krause. "It's been a really, really sad day for trees in Amarillo, Texas. My heart goes out to all those poor little trees that have broken arms and legs and limbs and it's just been a tough day for trees today."

Krause expects the downed trees to be an expensive cleanup for many people. The larger trees are not just costly to remove, but also costly to replace.

So many of those damaged trees knocked down power lines that crews from Lubbock had to come help local Xcel Energy crews.

5,000 people in the Amarillo area were in the dark for several hours today and as of 6pm, 1,000 were still without power.