Bullying on the High Plains

Diana Lee, Counselor AISD
Diana Lee, Counselor AISD

Ali Allison

Amarillo, TX - It's not just shaking a kid down for lunch money. Local school leaders say today's bullying is so much more than when you and I were in school, and more often.

With bullying making national headlines this year parents may think that not enough is being done in schools. We looked into this issue and the facts tell a different story.

Educators agree, they are trying to tackle bullying head on. For example, Canyon Jr. High has a 25 minute assembly for the kids every Monday. Panhandle ISD is hosting dinners for parents and students about the topic.

Bushland ISD is incorporating the topic into everyday lesson plans. All the schools kept talking about the same roadblock out of their control...parents. Counselors say parents need to introduce the subject on a daily basis just like talking about sex or drugs.

"Help them know, describe bullying and know what bullying behaviors are, not to over react or get really angry or upset when your kid tells you they have been bullied, sometimes they wont come back and talk about it again also kids want to hear your experiences. Its OK to tell them what happened to you"says Diana Lee, Counselor AISD.