Caregivers Rise in the Panhandle

Jana Thurman, BSA Home Care and Hospice
Jana Thurman, BSA Home Care and Hospice

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - As the baby boomer generation grows into the senior population, the number of people taking care of their aging family members also continues to grow. They're called care givers.

"Care givers are an under recognized population, people of all ages are caring for others and the focus is always on the patient." said Jana Thurman with BSA Home Care and Hospice.

"It's a time consuming job. It's not hard because we have been married for 48 years, but its get to be a bit day to day when you are the only one who does that." said Linn Turner, an Amarillo resident who takes care of her husband.

The Area Agency On Aging and several other organizations came together Thursdays to give dozens of care givers a break.

"If you are not taking care of yourself, then its hard to do a good job of taking care of someone else.  So with us giving them a break, it will help them rejuvenate.  Hopefully they will be better care givers. It will make them more healthy and give them a better peace of mind." said Teana Waller with the Area Agency on Aging.

Our area's caregiver population is also becoming larger due to the economy. Local experts tell NewsChannel 10,  many families just can't afford for others to care of their loved ones, whether that's a nursing home or a personal nurse.