Wind Worries

AMARILLO, TEXAS - New information compiled by the American Wind Energy Association says the last few months represent the industry's slowest quarter since 2007.

To paint an even dimmer picture for the High Plains, Texas no longer leads the nation in new wind projects. Other states have surged ahead and we have fallen to fifth place.

The report says that is largely because Texas "now awaits investment in more electric transmission lines." However local experts say you shouldn't read too much into those findings.

Members of the WT Alternative Energy Institute just got back from a conference in San Antonio.

They say plans to complete construction of transmission lines by the year 2013 were a major topic there.

The WT group is tracking industry insider projections that Texas will end up with about 18,000 megawatts of green energy power.

Right now only about 10,000 megawatts have been built, meaning current wind jobs could still almost double in years to come.