Castro Co. Murder Investigation

Castro County Chief Deputy Thomas Taylor
Castro County Chief Deputy Thomas Taylor

DIMMITT, TEXAS - An area town is rocked after police say someone called 911 saying he shot and killed a friend in Castro County.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working this case. As of Tuesday night, detectives were still trying to iron out everyone's story, but they say some possible suspects have already been questioned and murder charges may be on the way.

It all started after a tip came in to Lubbock police. Officers tell our sister station a Lubbock man called to tell them he shot someone. The caller said he and his brother were hunting with another guy in southwest Castro County.

Police say the caller reported that he felt threatened by the third man and shot and killed him. The two hunters drove back home to Lubbock before calling 911.

"Until the entire facts have been know we will not speculate wether this is or is not justifiable until all the investigation is complete," Castro County Chief Deputy Thomas Taylor said.

The victim is still being positivity identified, but the sheriff's office says he is not from Castro County.