Harrington Cancer Center Retreat

Harrington Cancer Center Retreat

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The Harrington Cancer Center put on today's event to give cancer patients and survivors a chance to socialize with others in the same situation.

Doctors and nurses at the treatment facility believe events like these help people dealing with cancer get away from their disease and think positively.

Dr. Brian Pruitt said, "It's been found that people who have some access to other people. Not isolate themselves, but be in the community of other people that they actually do good."

Registed nurse Bobbie Perrin adds,"The fact that they are alive they are a survivor and that it's a good day."

One of the women attending today's event was recent cancer patient, Jacque Smith.

She knew she had breast immediately through early detection and didn't see it as death sentence, but as another bump in the road.

Smith said, "It's nothing to be fearful of.  Nothing to be depressed about.  Nothing to cry about. You need to face it head on because cancer is curable disease if you catch it early."

30-year breast cancer survivor, Verna Millard provided inspiration to many people in attendance today and says the disease was a blessing in disguise.

"It's made me, I think a better person to have cancer because you know you're not indispensable. It can touch you, you can have it and you just enjoy life more."

The Harrington Cancer Center believes that everyone with cancer is a survivor from the moment they are diagnosed.