New Mobile Unit to Provide Mammograms

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - A new tool to help alert woman to breast cancer will soon drive throughout the region,  changing thousands of lives.  The Harrington Breast Center hopes to provide mammogram's through a new mobile unit to nearly 5, 000 area women over the next year.

The medical coach bus unveiled Friday, will replace older vans that provided breast cancer screenings for more than twenty years.

Harrington Center officials tell NewsChannel 10, the new unit operates using digital mammography as opposed to the older x-ray machines used before. The new clinic is also self contained on the bus.  Before,medical crews had to unload the equipment off and into a building. According to doctors,  more patients will now have access through this new system.

"A lot of spots in this region,  communities just aren't large enough to support their own mammography service. So the main thing is if we can take that access, they can get the screenings that they need." said Dr. Paul Hancock, CEO of the Harrington Cancer Center.

Since 1989, the mobile mammography provided through the Harrington Cancer Center has provided more than 85,000 breast cancer screenings to women throughout the region.