Ute Pipeline Possible Problems

CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO - Six decades of planning a critical drinking water project for the area could all go down the drain soon because of results from this week's midterm elections. Ute pipeline project leaders say the $500 million water system would solve a critical shortage. But after such widespread change on Tuesday, the project's planned funding may now be in jeopardy.

Experts expect republicans to cut spending and new faces to congress are not familiar with the dire need on the High Plains. Several area leaders came together today to stress the need for proper funding of the Ute pipeline.

If completed, water from the Ute reservoir in Quay county will be piped into eight New Mexico locations, including Clovis and Portales. Without the project being completed, the city of Portales for example says they'll be out of water within 22 years - that's why they need your help convincing the government to fund it.

This group says you can help by contacting your congressmen and President Obama to let them know how necessary the project is to you.