Students Instruct Teachers in Technology

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

HEREFORD, TX - Some students and teachers swapped roles for the day. Teachers with the Hereford Independent School District underwent a new unique training for the classroom. Thursday, four Hereford High School students instructed some of the districts teachers on various computer application programs.

Teachers say the programs learned will soon be used as tools for teaching their other students. They hope the tools will boost excitement in the classroom, helping them reach their students better.

"They want more technology in the classrooms. That's how they learn. They don't learn like we did when we were growing up...getting lectures. We did it and that was fine, but the kids today want the technology, the visual support, the kinesthetic learning." said Hereford ISD Technology Director, Dana Friel.

Friel tells NewsChannel 10, Hereford schools are really making pushes in their technology initiatives, and they think is just another step.  This is the first time, the teachers have been taught subjects by their students, but they are hoping this type of training will be used more often.