Texas' Battle with EPA Continues

Former State Representative David Swinford
Former State Representative David Swinford

DUMAS, TX - Opponents of the Clean Air Act in Texas, say Tuesday night's national mid-term election could shift an ongoing battle in the Panhandle, around the state and across the country.

The Environmental Protection Agency says, Texas is the only state in the country to not comply with federally mandated regulations on releasing air pollutants.

Former State Representative David Swinford, dealt with the issue for years in Austin. Swinford and others say those regulations would cost Texas residents thousands of jobs. He believes Texas companies have voluntarily done enough to make sure they are environmentally friendly.

"This Valero plant out here just spent 60 million dollars to make that air cleaner. Then you see their plant is circled with wind turbines...those turbines are running the electricity for the petrochemical plant." said Swinford.

Swinford goes on to tell NewsChannel 10, many lawmakers in energy states who are now regulated by the EPA lost their of positions of power in Tuesday nights election.

"Now that's a pretty strong message to congress. If you mess with this in this economic time and you are killing jobs, we will throw you out." said Swinford.

In a statement to NewsChannel 10, the EPA said: ""We are focused on ensuring that businesses get the permits they need and people get the protection they deserve.  The state government in Texas seems to have different priorities right now, but we have not yet
given up on our efforts to work with them."