Four takes 87th District State Representative

Republican Four Price
Republican Four Price
Democrat Abel Bosquez
Democrat Abel Bosquez

Maxine Ridling &
Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Come January, Republican Four Price will be the 87th District State Representative.

Price took the win with more than three times the amount of votes as the runner up,  Democrat Abel Bosquez. Libertarian James Hudspeth took about 4 percent of the vote. This seat was previously held by Republican David Swinford for nearly 20 years.

Price tells NewsChannel 10, Wednesday, he will start to work on the challenges he faces next.

"The biggest challenge will be addressing the budget shortfall that number won't be final until Jan., but I think they'll be somewhere between 15-21 billion dollars and so that will be a big issue we have to address and I think redistricting will be the next big problem we will face in the next session" said Price.

Price adds when it comes to redistricting he is going to work very hard to keep three representatives in the Panhandle.

Across town, area Democrats left watch parties disappointed with the results.

Bosquez tells NewsChannel 10, he has expressed his opinions in Austin at legislative conferences for the past ten years and will continue to do so.  He adds, this will probably not be the last local race we will see him in.

"This race we set the foundation. We got a base, we just need to work on it. I had several people tell me, this time, put your name out there and in 2 years, next time, we'll know you are coming." said Bosquez.

Bosquez hopes state lawmakers will bring changes in education and working class jobs come January.