One Local School Now Using Smart Technology

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Teachers at one local school say they are now more interactive with students thanks to new technology.

Ascension Academy students are now learning with interactive white board technology, called Easi-Teach.

The projector allows teachers to create more personalized lesson plans where the students can interact with them in real time.

Latin teacher, Larry Martin, is one of the first to use it and he says after more than 20 years of teaching this technology is changing the way students learn all together.

"It also allows the students themselves to come up and do a little interaction so rather like your in a science class the only person getting up and moving around is the teacher so then the teacher is the only one getting involved," Martin says, "But Easi-teach lets the children be more interactive."

Since he first started using the easi-teach he has seen academic improvement for his students

The Academy hopes to have half of it's classrooms equipped with the technology by the spring.