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Sex offender iPhone app

Amarillo, TX - Whether you're heading out to a haunted house or just trick or treating around your neighborhood, local authorities are working overtime to try and keep your children safe from sex offenders.

Registered offenders are not allowed to have their lights on inside, on their porch, or decorations out; basically anything that would lure children to their home.

"Makes us feel better to know the offender has some type of supervision during this very vulnerable time of year. Also, helps us knowing we are doing our best to keep the community safe. And that these sex offenders are being monitored."

If you'd like to monitor those sex offenders yourself, technology is making it even easier this year.

A new app for iPhones and Adroids, called "Tracker" from works in conjunction with the DPS sex offender registry.

"That's scary. I know you don't necessarily know what they did or the details. But it's scary to know just that there's that many people and it's not always someone you would suspect. Which is why it's good to have something that you can see."

Basically, you can type in the address where you are, and it will show you registered offenders in that neighborhood.

The app costs 99 cents.

The  link to the website is:


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