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Amarillo lawyers help set death row inmate free

Amarillo Attorney Jeff Blackburn Amarillo Attorney Jeff Blackburn

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas -There's a local connection to the South Texas man who is now free after spending 15 years on death row.

It was made possible by the work of some lawyers from Amarillo. Anthony Graves was convicted back in 1992 for his part in the murder of a South Texas family, and now, after years of work spearheaded by Amarillo attorneys Jeff Blackburn and David Mullin, the Innocence Project team was able to get Graves exonerated.

Blackburn says it's one of the most atrocious example of framing by the State of Texas that he's ever seen. "Within 24 hours of the crime being committed, the district attorney announced that in his opinion, which was based on nothing, that this had to be the work of more than one person. Now once they said that, they had to do everything they could to justify their conclusion so they wouldn't look stupid." 

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