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Training to Decrease Violence

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Calming down an angry person before they turn violent can help save an officer's life. About 75 police, counselors and other emergency personnel packed into the Pavilion Thursday to learn exactly how to do that through verbal de-escalation

"For first responders it's a really critical skill set that's empirically shown throughout the nation to really help reduce violence in communities," Pavilion CEO Nick Hughey said.

Verbal de-escalation is basically using the right words and phrases to help someone talk out a problem instead of having them lash out physically. the technique could be used for example when police are responding to any crime scene where emotions run high.

The presenters say verbal de-escalation is just as much about non-verbal cues. For example one tip they gave today, in a tense moment, you want to go from standing the normal four feet away and back up to about six feet.

Experts say most people have an intuitive sense how to do this, but participants today told us it's helpful to get some guidelines and build up stock phrases to fall back on in crisis.

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