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PETA Concerned over Traveling Zoo

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Hundreds of families are flocking to a traveling exotic petting zoo set up at Coulter and 34th streets. But a national group wants you to think about a few things before heading out there yourself.

Based out of Florida, the Jungle Safari company will be in town until Sunday. They offer free admission to see tigers, lamas, lemurs and many more out of ordinary animals.

The national group - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says while the exhibit looks fun, it's in their words, nothing but cruel to the animals. PETA says they've found evidence that the animals are often mistreated and deprived of everything that's natural to them including proper diets, space to roam and interaction with others in their species.

We went to the exhibit today to talk with them about the animals. Workers say they have a special bond with each one and really want the best for the creatures. The exhibit manager added that the whole thing is actually a form of help for the animals. The traveling zoo supports a breeding farm in Florida that says it is trying to keep these creatures from being extinct in the wild.

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