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Cotton Shortage Boosts Area Economy

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

WILDORADO, TX - Hundreds of millions of dollars rooted in a local industry will soon blow through the Panhandle.

Hundreds of Panhandle farmers are in the middle of their cotton harvest.  This year is a record season. China is the world's leading producer of cotton, but storms pummeled the country's land and their ability to ship it around the world.  So there's a global shortage.

 It' making the demand for cotton higher than ever, and the price farmers are earning for their crop is the highest it has ever been.  In just a few years, the price has more than tripled.

"Farmers are hustling as much as they can.  Mother nature rained, we had to stop harvest. Monday, we had the 40 mile an hour wind, we had to stop harvest. What they're trying to do is get their cotton harvested, so they can take advantage of these prices." said Billy Borchardt with the Top of Texas Gin.

We're told this year, is the first year many area farmers have grown cotton in several years, so that money will be an extra unexpected boost to our area's financial state.

Cotton experts also tell NewsChannel 10, the demand could spike prices when you head to the store.

However, they say those costs shouldn't be enough to keep shoppers from buying a pair of jeans or a bag of cotton balls.

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