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Bringing Tinsel Town to the Texas Panhandle

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Tinsel Town could soon be coming to the Texas Panhandle. 

It all centers around the brand new, high tech, state of the art movie and TV studio at WTAMU. It's complete with a moving jib, two HD studio cameras, a green screen and an infinity wall.

The green screen will allow them to create digital movie scenes like you'd see at an major production house in Hollywood. They can put the actor in front of it and put any kind of background behind them.

The multi million dollar facility is part of the school's film program and just opened up a few weeks ago. Since then, they've already had nearly 30 production requests for projects... And those requests are coming from all over the nation.

Canyon and Amarillo are hoping to capitalize on the latest addition here at WT.

They're teaming up to start an advertising campaign, in hopes of bringing more movies and films to the Texas Panhandle.

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