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Buyer's Housing Market

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Local realtors say Amarillo's housing market is slowing down because of major misconceptions by the public. Tuesday there were over 1,500 proprieties for sale in Amarillo, that's surged about 25 percent in the past few weeks from about 1,200 normally.

Several realtors say sales are especially difficult right now for properties that are under a $100,000.

The realtors add that compared to the amount of properties for sale, there's just not enough people looking to purchase. In fact, they say the public seems to have a misconception that now is a bad time to buy.

"What you're hearing in the national news, it's doom and gloom, the economy's bad. I mean I've actually gotten phone calls from people who say I know it's a bad time to buy a house," Realtor Lisa Harris said.

In reality the realtors say they have never seen a better time to buy a home in Amarillo. They say the abundance of properities for sale and record low interest rates make this a prime buyer's market.

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