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New Flight Security Program to Start

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - In an effort to keep you safer, the Transportation Security Administration is launching a new program for flight passengers.

Starting Monday, November 1, the TSA program, Secure Flight, will require airlines to gather not only your name, but your date of birth, your gender, and a redress number if you have one.  A redress number is an extra way of identifying someone.  If more than one person has the same name and date of birth, a redress number will help determine who is who.

The program will screen passengers with the nation's terrorist watch list. That information must match a government issued ID card. Airlines must have that personal information before you receive a boarding pass.

'What it does, it ensures that those people that should not be flying, don't. And those that can fly, should be able to." TSA Spokesperson Luis Casanova tells NewsChannel 10.

According to Casanova, the government noticed the need for the program after the September 11th attacks.  Over the last several years, the program was developed to ensure safety and reliability.

Both domestic and international airlines have had one year to work out kinks in their system.  Tuesday afternoon, NewsChannel 10, attempted to book several flights with different airlines.  Each airline already required the needed information.

TSA officials remind passengers, if you have already booked flights for after November 1, call the airline to ensure it has your information.  Otherwise, your boarding pass will be denied.


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