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Damage from Wild Winds

AMARILLO, TEXAS - In front of the Canterbury Apartments off of Georgia, the wind ripped roots of a tree straight out of the ground. It was a sight Mary Martin was shocked to see out her window Monday.

"I was setting there, drinking my coffee, and I saw the wind had got up so strong. And I was thinking I might out to get away from this window," she said. "But about that time, I seen that tree it blowing it, then whamo and down it came."

That's just one part of widespread damage from Monday's wild winds of up to 60 miles per hour.  The wind also flipped a trampoline on top of a van, knocked down cables lines, leveled car ports, pushed over porta potties and much more.

The wind fanned flames keeping fighters busy Monday too. They say a blaze on the 7400 block of Amarillo Boulevard East was so much harder to put out than normal because of the weather.

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