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New Fire Truck Timbercreek Canyon

Fire Chief Eddie Wood Fire Chief Eddie Wood

Tom Lee

Timbercreek Canyon, TX - The Timbercreek Canyon Fire Department held an open house Saturday to celebrate their new 155,000 dollar fire truck.

It's out with the old and in with the new at the Timbercreek Canyon Fire Department.

The seven volunteers at the department will now be better equipped to fight fires thanks to a government grant that helped buy a new fire truck.

Until now firefighters had to use three outdated trucks from the 1970's to battle fires.

The fire chief believes the new truck will not only keep residents safer, but also firefighters.

Eddie Wood says, "It carries 1250 gallons of water. It's got a 500 gallon per minute pump. It carries five passengers, which keeps us inside the cab. When we're out fighting fires, grass fires. Instead of having to hang out in the back bumper.

The village mayor thinks the new truck will also help boost manpower at the all volunteer fire department.

Terri Welch says, "Members undergo long training hours to make sure everyone is safe. Because of the fact we are safe, thank goodness out here, we don't respond to fires out here. They still have to keep their training up. Even though they're not getting called. They still have to work. They train every week."

The new truck will allow the fire department provide better help during mutual aid runs to Randall County, Lake Tanglewood and Palisades.

More equipment is still needed to get the new truck up and running.

Firefighters expect that to happen within a month.

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