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Traffic Signs Stay in Wolflin

Dr. Brian Eades, Amarillo City Commissioner Dr. Brian Eades, Amarillo City Commissioner

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO--- City commissioners cite safety as they put an end to a controversial debate between neighbors in Wolflin.

Recently,  the city put in two sets of four way stops at the intersection of 32nd and Ong and 32nd and South Hayden, because some residents feared drivers were zipping through their neighborhoods.

Tuesday, some residents asked to remove some of the signs because they felt they were unnecessary and did not go along with the look of the neighborhood. However, the signs will stay and the yield at 33rd will be changed to a stop sign.

Commissioner, Dr. Brian Eades was the only person to vote against the motion.

"I think traffic regulation is the most basic role of the city in private lives. I think we have to support liberty. Everyone believes in the safety of children, but I question whether 2 four-way stops really contributed to children's safety" said Eades.

According to a city study, the new signs did not make much of a difference in drivers cutting through to avoid a traffic light on 34th and Washington. Some residents did not agree with the study and said they had seen a difference.

"I can't see any reason to throw safety out of the door... the safety of dogs, children and people walking for the convenience of someone who is not willing to spend 20 or 30 seconds at those stop signs." said long time resident Dr. Jerold Gormley.

This was the third time, the commission addressed the issue. Mayor Debra McCartt, said they would not revisit.

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