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A few beers could get you in trouble

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Just having one or two beers could soon put drivers in trouble. Several Texas lawmakers are pushing for a DWAI law.

It stands for driving while ability impaired... Or basically having a blood alcohol level between .05 and.07... Slightly below the legally drunk level of .08.

That would mean for a 125 pound person, it would take just 1 1/2 beers in one hour to reach that level.

The proposed law doesn't assume people are drunk at that lower level, but it does assume they're buzzed and could be a danger to others on the road.

We spoke with several local law enforcement agencies who say they won't be against anything that makes people safer, but they're not sure this is the way to do it.

Potter County Chief Deputy Roger Short says, "Where do you draw the line? it used to be .10, now it's .08. If they want to make it .06 move it to .06 and everything above .06 is against the law. None of these little gray areas. That's what they're creating are gray areas." 

He adds the sobriety tests now, things like walk the line, stand on one foot and say your ABCs, are designed to gauge a BAC of .08, so a law like this is going to be hard to enforce.

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