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Salvation Army Seeking Help

Major Tim Grider Major Tim Grider

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX - The Salvation Army is getting ready to start its holiday programs, but they are launching off with major concerns this year. Currently, the local organization is trying to kick off upcoming programs, like the Angel Tree Project that provides kids with Christmas presents.

However, administrators are dealing with a Christmas fundraising shortfall from last holiday season.  Last year, the salvation army was down in donations by nearly 38 percent.  A bulk of the organization's funds are raised during a 6 week holiday season.

Administrators tell us, they have made staff re-arrangements, and have turned some people away from their programs.

They are still waiting to see if more cuts will need to be made this upcoming Christmas.

"We may have to for the first time ever put a cap on the number of applications. We're concerned there may not be the support, because of the economy, people may not have the additional money to help others." said Major Tim Grider of The Salvation Army.

The non-profit is asking the community to help in any way possible to help prevent programs being trimmed.

"Help serve, because of our reduction of staff and reduction of salaries, we need volunteers more now than ever. The most important thing they can really do, ring-a-ling. They can get on our kettle and replace a paid person on that kettle." said Major Grider.

Major Grider tells NewsChannel 10, the organization is in great need of blankets and cots. Last year, for nearly five months Salvation Army shelters were full each night.

We're told, more than a thousand people slept at their shelters some nights, so their temporary beds are in bad shape.

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