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New CPR Recommendations

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - More lives are expected to be saved thanks to recent changes in how CPR is performed.

Today The American Heart Association released new guidelines telling rescuers to stay with hard, fast chest presses.

The change eliminates the ABC 'airway-breathing-compression' method where the rescuer would check the airway first. Doctors say that approach took time and delayed chest presses... Which kept the blood circulating.

"Well now what American Heart recommends is we approach the victim and we determine they are unresponsive and we are going to start compressions immediately without doing the checks we previously did," BSA RN Shanna Jett says.

Nurses tell me to do 30 chest presses every 18 seconds until paramedics arrive. They added, the mouth-to-mouth method is still ok.. Just as long as the rescuer does something.

If you are CPR certified now, you don't have to get re-certified because of the changes.

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