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Domestic Violence Victims and Friends March

AMARILLO - To fight a growing crime in Amarillo a group of victims and friends marched through downtown Friday morning.

About 100 people turned out chanting so loudly they could be heard from blocks away. Each person there had some deep connection to domestic violence.

Amarillo police respond to about 2500 family violence calls every year. The amount of women killed in domestic violence crimes has already tripled over 2009 in the Panhandle. It's expected to escalate even more over the upcoming holiday season.

Experts estimate only one in five victims will actually report the crime. They say a big reason for that is because many are ashamed. By marching as a group organizers hope to remove that stigma.

If you or a friend needs help with an abusive relationship, call the Family Support Services hotline at 806-374-5433.

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