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Lowest Level Ever Recorded

Ben Briscoe

NewsChannel 10

FRITCH, TEXAS - A major source of area drinking water is at its lowest level ever recorded - sinking below 40 feet. That's forcing some drastic changes in the way you'll receive the vital resource.

The water authority says they are reducing pumping at Lake Meredith by more than 80 percent. They plan on replacing that with well water. But while the regional water source problem is being solved, people living right around Meredith say they're left in crisis. Many claim the lake has been pumped almost to death and they're worried with it... could also go the county's economy.

"With the lake levels low, we don't see as many people here over the weekend. and that's tax dollars that are taken away from the city. it hurts everybody," Fritch Mayor Kevin Keener said.

Now the park's trying to come up with alternative sources of recreation to draw-in tourists. They've cleared almost 25 miles of trail for horse rides and plan to construct a mountain bike path.

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