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Pesticide problems being called a nightmare

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Farmers all across the Panhandle are speaking out about something they call a massive problem. 

All farmers may soon have to get a permit from the federal government every time they want to spray pesticide or herbicide... Something, that, in some cases is done as often as once a week.

David Cleavinger with the National Association of Wheat Growers says, "The bureaucracy of actually having to go out and get a permit every time we spray is not only burdensome for us, but almost impossible to do. The gridlock that is going on right now in Congress is not boding well for farmers."

Several federal lawmakers, including a representative from Oklahoma, are trying to cut through the gridlock... They've recently introduced a bill to overturn the current pesticide permit law, set to go into affect in the spring.

Farmers we spoke with say the clock is ticking. If that bill does not pass, April will come all too soon.

It will make their job not only more expensive, but also less effective and slower, meaning many of their manufacturing customers won't want to wait for the crops, so they'll take their business elsewhere... Like farms overseas not under these regulations.

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