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Who Owns the Cars?

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Several people who bought cars at a major Amarillo dealership could now loose their purchases and be out thousands of dollars.  When the Auto Pro group of dealerships closed down, it created a paperwork nightmare that has some locals now shopping around for not only new cars, but also lawyers.

Amy Kay is one of those people. After the deal was done, she had trouble getting the title registered in her name because it turns out someone else still owned the car. Kay says a worker at auto pro where she bought it told her his company had gone bankrupt and never finished paying off the bank that sold them the vehicle - that means the dealer didn't really own the car when they sold it to amy -- despite the fact that she paid down almost 5,000 dollars and her new bank already processed the loan.

"Apparently we're going to have to wait for this whole deal to go through bankruptcy court, which could be years," Kay said. "We have a car that we don't have a title to. now we're at the point where if we continue to pay on it, are we going to have a title at some point? if we don't pay, what's the ramifications of that as well?"

NewsChannel 10 went to the business owner's house and the lot today for a reaction. There was no answer. However on a Google archive of the auto pros now closed-down web site, the dealer's company statement says: "Customer satisfaction is our number one priority ... we also make the car buying process hassle free."

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