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Controversy Grows Over Adult Novelty Store

David Wagner. Hereford Chief of Police David Wagner. Hereford Chief of Police

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

HEREFORD, TX - There are mixed reviews over an adult novelty store within city limits.

The Cloud 9 Smoke Shop and Adult Novelty Store just opened last month. According to the city, the store's owner, Oscar Hernandez of Clovis, did not follow city codes by setting up signs alerting the public what was set to open.  So the city has forced him to close his doors for the next two months.

According to Texas law, selling obscene materials like sex toys, is illegal. However, a recent federal ruling from another state case says that Texas law is unconstitutional.

Hernandez faces no charges from selling the sexually oriented items, but Hereford police tell NewsVhannel 10,  the business is not welcome in town.

"What upsets me is, he is from Clovis. He comes to our city and then goes back to his community, out of state, over to Clovis" said Chief of Police, David Wagner.

NewsChannel 10 spoke briefly off camera with the owner of the leased building on East Park Avenue. According to her, Hernandez cards everyone who walks into the store and has the right to sell whatever he wants to.  Some other residents agree.

"It's up to the person. If the person wants to come out here and learn about it they can.  Why is it wrong? If its for the adults, let adults go in there and do what they want to do." said Hereford mother Maria Lara.

According to the town's chamber of commerce, this is the first sexually oriented store to open up in Hereford. Chamber officials say, about 15 years ago, there were some local owned video stores that did yank sexually explicit videos off of shelves because of the town's response.

NewsChanel 10 called Henandez's lawyers in Clovis, to see if the he had plans on re-opening Cloud 9 in two months, but they did not return the phone call.