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Amarillo Auto Thefts

Rodney Clark Rodney Clark

Maxine Ridling
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Amarillo, TX - More than half of all auto burglaries in our area are due to drivers not taking the key out of the ignition. Auto theft has become such a statewide problem, investigators from all over the country were in Amarillo today to learn new techniques to catching these criminals.

As the temperatures drop, it may be tempting to leave your car unattended while it's warming up but investigators say it's also tempting for criminals.

"Don't think you can leave your keys in your car, it's like these guys have a sixth sense and don't leave your keys hidden."

Auto theft is a common crime here, so far this year 744 cars have been reported stolen.

"Half of all vehicles stolen in the state of Texas, 50 percent, either were unlocked or had the keys left in them there is a lot of things people can do to protect their property if they would just lock their cars and hide their things then it would greatly reduce the problem."

Besides leaving the keys in the ignition, detective Clark says he see's more reports of stolen cars because drivers hide their keys somewhere else.

"Don't hide it under the floor mat that's the first place they look if they walk by and see the key in the ignition then it becomes a crime of opportunity."

"Some criminals are smart and so we try and stay on top of them and so we're learning new ways to fight the vehicle theft crime."

At the conference, there were several new devices introduced but despite all of the new technology, nothing can prevent your car getting stolen more than taking your keys out of the ignition

"One of the things my partner and I always stress is leaving your key in your vehicle. You can't leave your keys in your vehicle."

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