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Texas governors race goes national

Dr. Brian Farmer, Amarillo College Dr. Brian Farmer, Amarillo College
Dr. David Rausch, WTAMU Dr. David Rausch, WTAMU

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The Texas governor's race is going national... Capturing the attention of the entire country. 

It's because the November election could have major implications in Washington. 

Bill White is slowly gaining ground, but he's still about 10 percentage points behind Perry in the latest polls. Political experts we spoke with say that's most likely a clear indication of what's to come... first Perry wins his third term as Texas governor, then contends for the Presidency.

Amarillo College's Dr. Brian Farmer says, "Rick Perry has really followed a lot of the same policies as George W. And Rick Perry is a very good politician. There isn't really another Republican candidate that's really stepped to the front and captured the imagination of the voters and so it becomes why not Rick Perry?"

He adds Perry's success in the polls thus far is being fueled by an anti-Obama sentiment among many voters. But that doesn't mean White is out of the running... Analysts say a victory for him won't be an easy one though, and it's going to take a much higher than normal voter turnout.

Teel Bivins Political Science Professor Dr. David Rausch says, "High turnout brings out everybody. Minority voters, Hispanic voters, younger voters, less educated voters, and also in the urban areas so Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, if turnout is really high in those places then Mr. White has a better chance." 

It's predicted Hispanics will be the most important swing votes for a Bill White win.

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