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Grandparent Scam

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A warning for all grandparents in our area. Before you pick up the phone, know there is yet another scam going around and you're the target.

It's reportedly happening all over Canada, and now it's finally made it to Amarillo. Scam artists are calling grandparents and pretending to be their grand children asking for money because they were kidnapped.

Sherry Cook, otherwise known as Grandma, recently answered the phone and heard what many grandparents fear the most.

"It sounded just like my grandson and he said grandma," Cook says, "I could tell he was sobbing he was quiet though I could hear him crying."

Cook says her grandson, Corey , told her he needed money because had been kidnapped and they were holding him for ransom.

"I kept saying Corey,  and I just started screaming it in the phone and he says I'm in terrible trouble and I'm in the Dominican republic and hung up," Cook said.

What cook thought sounded real, wasn't. It was a scam, and she isn't alone

"It can cause someone to have a heart attack because I thought it was going to give me one."

Thousands of other grandparents all over the country were also answering this phone call. Some reportedly gave $8,000.00 in hopes of to get their grandchild back.

Cook, however, didn't give anything.

I heard he was safe and thank God because I was on my knees praying about it.

If you are targeted by these scammers, like Cook, there are some things you need to do. The scammers will call you saying "Hi grandma" in hopes you will say your grandchild's name back. They do this so they can continually trick you into thinking your grandchild is kidnapped. Remember to never give out your bank information or any other detail about yourself.

If you do get one of these calls hang up right away and call your children or relatives yourself and if you've been called before and they call you again, contact the Better Business Bureau that number is 806-379-6222.

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