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Texas PEACE Project 1st Peace Festival

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Dating violence is on the rise, and today, dozens came together in Amarillo to raise awareness about how dangerous abusive relationships can be.

The first ever Peace Festival in Amarillo took place at River Road High School today, hosted by members of the Texas Peace Project, which stands for Peer Educators Acting for Change and Equality.

The group's goal is to reach young people and educate them on the dangers of dating violence.

Family Support Services says people from all different background are affected.

Ashley Lasher of Family Support Services says "Dating violence stems from a lot of things. It can come from home life, past relationships. Some people don't know what a healthy relationship is like, so they tend not to be in one."

One student at River Road High School hopes to educate his fellow classmates on abusive relationships and discourage them from getting involved.

Junior, Trent Dalig said "That it's not alright. It's not cool to do what some people are doing."

The money raised at today's event will be used to send students to the Texas Peace Project Conference.

Family Support Services hopes to expand their peace project to other area high school in the near future.

If you didn't get a chance to attend today's event you can learn more about preventing sexual and dating violence by visiting the Family Support Services offices in Amarillo at 1001 South Polk Street.

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