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Dillas kicked out of Dilla Villa

Mark Lee Mark Lee

Kristen Guilfoos
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Amarillo, Texas - The Amarillo Dillas are out of the ballpark.

In a four to zero vote today, Potter County Commissioners decided to evict the team from the Dilla Villa. 

The team's owner was "too embarrassed to show his face" today, but his attorney made a last minute attempt to save the Dillas from eviction. 

He pleaded with commissioners not to terminate the lease, if the owner promises to pay the $75,000 he owes the county by November 1st, along with a $50,000 advance payment on next year's lease.

Commissioners said they're tired of being strung along and after two hot checks were recently written by owner John Bryant, they no longer trust him.

They made it clear they trust someone else, though, very much... That would be Mark Lee, the Dillas general manager, who is based here in Amarillo.

Commissioner Joe Kirkwood says, "thank you for your management, your leadership of Amarillo's team."

Lee says, "We've provided a place where families can go and have a great time and not spend a lot of money. If the new ownership who comes in here decides to hire me as a GM, I can promise you that what we've done the last 5 years won't quit." 

The county plans to open up bids for a new baseball team sometime early next week. The new team will also have to bring a new name with them, it's still being discussed, but as it looks right now, the current owners have the legal rights to the Dilla name.

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