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Dillas owe $75,000, miss payment deadline

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Time is running out for the Amarillo Dillas. Potter County Commissioners could decide as early as Friday morning to evict the team from the Dilla Villa. 

The team's owners had until 5pm on Thursday to pay the $75,000 they owed to the county. They missed the deadline and the money did not come in. 

This comes after two previous checks they've written to the county have bounced. The county is not the only one who did not get paid.

We spoke with several Dillas players, employees and food vendors are all angry, saying it's been a while since they've seen a paycheck as well.

Commissioners will hold a special meeting to make a decision about the Dillas future in Amarillo. That meeting will be at the Santa Fe building at 11 on Friday morning, if you'd like to attend.

The Dillas have been in Amarillo since 1994, and many people we spoke with say they will be sad to see them go. But if commissioners do decide to evict the team, they understand why.

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