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Families Hope State Won't Slash College Funds

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---Area families are hoping the state will reconsider slashing state money that helps some students pay their tuition bills.

Texas,  is preparing to cut nearly 40 million dollars statewide from the Towards, Excellence, Access and Success grant, also known as the TEXAS grant.

It currently gives more than half a billion dollars to about 113,000 low income Texas college students for their tuition.  It is the largest pool of financial aid in the state, but soon 24,000 less students could get the higher education funding.

The TEXAS grant helps out a couple thousand college students in the Panhandle.

" Without those grants, a lot of income families just won't be able to go to school" said Amarillo College student Jorge Molinas. 

Molinas currently has two daughters attending area schools with the help of TEXAS grants.

Area financial aid administrators tell NewsChannel 10, they are preparing to attend a statewide convention next week. There, they'll learn more about the cuts and how they can help many students afford to stay in Texas colleges and universities.

Republican State Senator, Kel Seliger, expresses the cuts are regrettable, but necessary to keep the state operating at a balanced budget.

"The State of Texas can only spend what it can afford to spend, or else, we'll be in the same shape as California and states like that." said State Senator Seliger.

The budget cuts aren't expected to take place until early next year when the legislative session meets.

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