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Should guns be allowed on college campuses?

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - College students could soon be able to carry concealed weapons on campus, if several Texas lawmakers get their way. But that's causing some big safety concerns for many students at WT. 

Two-thirds of the state legislature voted in favor of the concealed carry on campus bill last legislative session, but it was filibustered at the last minute and never voted into law.

After Tuesday's shooting at the University of Texas, the issue is becoming front and center once again. The current bill is proposing all students 21 and older who pass the concealed handgun test and have the minimum eight hours of training could carry a weapon.

The student government and college republicans at WT are speaking out against that, saying it isn't safe to have just anyone running around with a weapon.

Student Body Vice President Kyle Haugh says, "We passed resolutions. We've sent out a hundred letters to state representatives. Letters to every state senator. Our lieutenant governor, asking them please, we don't support this. We got a few letters back, but obviously it's a scary subject." 

The students say the eight hours of training isn't enough and most college students aren't mature enough to make the split second decision to take someone's life.

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