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"Cruelest Scam Ever"

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Almost Faedra Bowers's entire family is in the military. She says every day she worries about their safety.

"You never know what's going to happen. with all of them spread so far apart from each other and in different fields of the arm forces, it's kinda like no body's safe," Bowers said.

A new phone scam uses those fears to rip off military families, and several families in the area have already been targeted with similar calls. The con artists phone saying they are with the department of casualty assistance and they have important information about the family's relative serving overseas. But to get the information you have to confirm your identity by providing things like your social security number and other private details. Then they say the loved one has died, and you need to pay money to have their body sent home.

"You hear scams all the time from other countries getting money, but this is almost a new low," said Theresa Boyd, Red Cross Guymon manger.

Even though this is never how the notification would actually be made, the Bowers say the emotional stress could get you.

"If we received a phone call, none of us would ever think that's not the way it's supposed to happen. we would believe what they were saying. it would scare us. i think that's a horrible thing to do," she said.

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