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New Parent Notification System

Assistant Principal Rene Cano Assistant Principal Rene Cano

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Thousands of parents in our area will soon be notified within a matter of seconds if the school ever needs to contact them immediately. Nearly 50 kids a day are absent at Hereford High School, and that's just not cutting it for school administrators.

That's why they are introducing an alert system called, School Messenger and it lets parents know if their child is in class or not.

"Our main thing is to educate students," Assistant Principal Rene Cano says, "But we can't educate them if they aren't here so we want to get them to school."

That's not the only thing it's capable of. During bad weather, Assistant Principal Rene Cano can call, text, and e-mail every parent letting them know about school delays or cancellations. If the school were ever in lock down, parents will know immediately.

"Nowadays lock downs are a serious matter within schools and when students have cell phones in schools parents get misinformed information," Mr. Cano says, "If we can send out a message to parents letting them know their kids are safe and they will know immediately what is going on."

Parents with kids at Hereford High will get a phone call and a text message Monday, October 4th, but it will just be a test.


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