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Special Texas music concert for the Troops

Ali Allison
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A special Texas music concert for the troops was unveiled Monday night in Amarillo.

"Texas Burning", A Lone Star salute to the troops will be coming to Amarillo colleges KACV on Veterans Day November 11th.

The concert was shot in 2007 in San Antonio as a way to give back to the military personnel catastrophically disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Families from all over the country come to San Antonio while they are treated they stay at the fisher house while they are being treated for sometimes a year San Antonio is use to having military surround supporting it was a good opportunity to showcase talent."

After the preview Monday night Shannon McNally shared some of her music from the show.

She told NewsChannel 10 that it is a show for everyone.

"I would invite everyone to watch the tribute to the troops because so many have military in there family so many don't, its a chance to stay involved on a human level it brings it closer to home."

The concert was filmed at the Empire Theater in San Antonio.

More than 400 disabled Veterans and their families were invited to the taping.

It will air Veterans Day at 9pm on KACV Channel 1 in Amarillo .

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