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Help the horses

Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - This weekend there's a big push to save a struggling panhandle charity and with it hopefully hundreds of horses.

Terri Gammage and her Panhandle Safe Hayven equine rescue have saved almost 300 horses over the past seven years.

"Sam and frosty are both rescues before the rescue actually incorporated. Sam was being bought by the killer buyer. Right before I got him."

In may, this property they were on was re-purposed and the shelter had no where to go.

They went from helping almost 20 horses at a time to two or three that could fit on a friend's land.

"A lot of them end up in the slather pipeline. Some of them starve to death. Some of them finally euthanized."

But this weekend, they've come up with a way for you to help, that they think anyone interested in rescuing horses would enjoy.

"I hope we raise the funds really really soon so that we can get back to it full time full force. Winter's coming there's going to be a lot of horses that need help. They won't have pasture that's kept them alive through the summer. And we're going to see a lot more of this."

The rescue is hosting a trail ride benefit at the Dove Creek Ranch outside of Canyon Saturday.

Minimum donations are $25 a rider.

They are also raffling off a trailer, hoping to raise money to buy new land because more horses need help every day.

Monday morning they picked up ranger from an owner who couldn't afford to keep him.

She was thinking about having him euthanized, something Terri couldn't stand for a horse already on his way to being healthy again.

"A long as I can breathe, I'll be rescuing horses. Because that's part of me."

If you want to help please contact:
or text: (806) 681-5161

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