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Emergency Prepare Checklist

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of families in our area are now better prepared before a disaster strikes. Imagine having 20 seconds to grab every item you need most around your entire home.

Emergency Checklist Click Here.

It's life in the Panhandle the weather can change within a matter of seconds. Ready or not, your home could end up completely demolished. Storms are just one of many types of events which could jeopardize your family.

That's why The Department of State Health Services is making it's way through the Panhandle this week, reminding families of what they need to do in order to keep families safe during an emergency.

"We're trying to get people prepared, so we're handing out emergency preparedness packets, which includes a supply list," a emergency specialist said.

Besides the list, they are also giving people a challenge. You're given three isles filled with things you may need when a disaster strikes. Just like in a real situation, you have to decide which ones are important in 20 seconds.

"Whenever times are crazy you don't want to nervous," an Emergency specialist said, "You want to be all automatic so you need to know what is in the checklist."

There are some basic necessities that people always seem to remember and that's things like lighters and diapers, but there is one thing people always seem to forget and that's their pets.

"People forget about their pets a lot, pets are a part of the family."

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