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The Ones Who Donate, Need Donations

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - They're the ones who help thousands in our area every day, the tables are turned and they're now the ones asking for help. The Downtown Women's Center gives shelter and food to hundreds of low income families throughout our area and how it pays for it all, comes from it's thrift stores and donations. But now those donations are at an all time low.

Christal Echols, 36, has been working at the blue front cafe for nearly 2 years. You wouldn't be able to tell by her smile and laugh, but before she started working at the cafe..her life was much different.

"I was addicted to meth and alcohol," Echols said, "I went in with one duffel bag of stuff and I was pregnant with my son."

Echols has been in transitional housing for recovering addicts with her 2 year old son for 6 months now.

DWC serves 3 meals a day to women just like Christal.

"We feed about 17 women at The Haven House 3 meals a day," Diann Gilmore, Executive Director said.

On top of that, DWC feeds 27 families plus 150 low income people in shelters all over our area.

"They come to our with nothing," Gilmore says, "So we're providing them with all of their hygiene items."

and this has really cut in to their already low budget, "We're spending about $2,500 on food a month."

Add $2,000 more to that because Gilmore says with the of lack of donations, they now have to pay for toiletries.

"We are at the very end of things like toilet paper, Kleenex, diapers, and especially pre-packaged meat."

It's easy to see Christal has come a long way in the past few months, and now she's doing her part to make sure other local women have a chance to do the same thing.

"We have so much stuff now, I'm like going back and donating, so it's neat.." Echols says.

If you would like to help the Women's Downtown Center click here.

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