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Faith City Fundraising Concert

Tom Lee
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Faith City Ministries is facing a greater demand as a growing number of people find themselves homeless.

The non-profit group helps take care of the local homeless population with food, shelter and clothing.

Saturday night, Faith City Ministries held their second annual Music for Life Concert.

People paid 15 dollars at the door to listen to several different Christian music bands, a comedian and poet perform live.

Faith City will use the money to help out the homeless during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Raymond Gonzales of Faith City Ministries said "We'll give each of our guest one of these goodie bags...we'll call it a goodie bag. Which has the toiletries, candy, socks, hats. Anything that keeps them warm in the winter time and anything that can help them."

The concert promoter believes the growing homeless population in Amarillo should force everyone to take action.

Jessica Cazarez of Loud Image Entertainment said "We know that there's a need. Look can just drive up and down the street and see these people in need. And they're there to help them."

Last year, Faith City collected just over $1,200 dollars.

This year, they hope to raise just as much or even more to meet the growing homeless population.

If can't make it, Faith City Ministries will accept money and clothing donations at their offices at 401 SE 2nd Avenue in Amarillo.

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