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Warning Before Going Out

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Before heading out this weekend, there's a safety warning you should hear about.

Many people in the city are making the right decision to get a cab and not drive home drunk. But several bar owners and industry insiders say you need to be very careful in deciding which car to get into.

They say on weekends at closing time people posing as taxi cab drivers are offering rides for reduced rates. They have no official licenses and are using their own private, unmarked cars.

"What if he goes bizerk and shoots you, could be raped, murdered and no body knows nothing. anything could happen," said Don Ownes of AA Discount Cabs, a licensed company.

Even if you get someone on the up-and-up just trying to make a few extra bucks, there's a legal issue in riding with an unlicensed cabbie.

"They don't have any commercial insurance, so if they get hurt or get killed, they're not going to get paid. they're hospital is not going to get paid," Ownes said.

The best way to tell if a cab is legitimate is too look for a top light, on the dash they'll be a meter. and in the bottom right hand corner of the windshield is an inspection sticker from the Amarillo Police Department.

You also want to look for a special license displayed in the car. Check the expiration date, and if the picture doesn't match the driver, get out and call police. If you have any doubts still, most bar owners would be happy to call for you and get a legitimate cab to come out.

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