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Hispanic Businesses Boom in Texas

Elise Preston
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO---Hispanic owned business have grown in Texas by nearly 40% within about five years.  That's according to recent reports released by theU.S. Census Bureau.

 Amarillo business experts tell us, growth in our area is slightly lower than the rest of the state because of the Panhandle's smaller Hispanic population.

The reports are a snapshot of the business culture just a year before the recession hit,. However, experts also tell us, because Amarillo has not been slammed by the recession, we should not see significant shrinkage in that growth.

Right now, the bulk of the Hispanic owned businesses in Amarillo are in the restaurant and retail industries.

Experts boast the growing population and resources geared to helping minority small business will keep the business boom going.

 "I think it is important to know the education and resources, that we are putting out there, they are being used, and they are working." Annette Acensio with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce tells NewsChannel 10.

 Experts tell us, it's vital for our state's future, that this business demographic continues to flourish.

" Hispanics will be the majority population. If that Hispanic population is not developing businesses at the same time as everyone else, it will be detrimental to our state as a whole to not have as many businesses." said P.J. Pronger with the West Texas Entrepreneurial Alliance.


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