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Dalhart Doctor Looses License for Drug Charges

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Dalhart, TX - A Dalhart doctor will no longer be practicing medicine after police arrested her on multiple drug related charges - including stealing controlled substances from an area hospital. The Texas medical board has temporarily suspended the license of Coon Memorial Hospital's Stacy Elise Hamid.

According to the transcript from today's board meeting, back on August 27 Hamid was sent home from working in the emergency room after acting strangely all day. Her bosses ordered a drug test when they found bottles of two narcotics in her lab coat. But the transcripts say the hospital called in police after also finding in her lab coat synthetic urine, a heating pad and directions on how to warm and use the urine to defeat a drug test.

Later that night police say they found inside her home a bong, a bag of marijuana, an empty package of medical marijuana patches and several controlled substances that had gone missing from hospital.

The board's suspension of Hamid's license is only temporary while she goes to trial for these charges. They have scheduled another meeting in January to see if the temporary suspension will become permanent.